Suzuki Program Register Page

Thank you for choosing Pakachoag Music School.  Our Suzuki Program families are an important part of our diverse and energetic music community and we welcome you to be part of that community.   

On this page, you can find Sample Payment Plans, a web based registration form, link for printable form and an outline of the steps to take if wishing to register.

If you are new to the suzuki program….

The Suzuki Program Registration Process

Step One:

Please familiarize yourself with the Suzuki Program page.  This page provides important information for understanding how the program works.  This includes scheduling information, parent education class information, guidelines for siblings, and information on how payment works.

Step Two– Contact Office

If you are completely new to the program (have not participated in our Summer First Steps program), please contact our Program Director, Kristjon Imperio, to review your goals and to discuss private lesson schedule options before submitting a registration form.

Depending on your background and the time of year of your inquiry, we may also connect you with the Suzuki Program Coordinator Amy Matherly to review group class option.

If you are enrolled in or have completed the Summer First Steps program, you can proceed to step three.

Step Three– Complete Registration Form

Once scheduling is confirmed with the office (for students new to Pakachoag) or, for First Step Summer families, prior to our proceeding with scheduling discussions, please complete a private lesson registration form.  Be sure to check off the box that ask if you are also requesting enrollment in the Suzuki Program.

Step Four– Submit Deposit

Deposit amounts can be found on the Payment Plan document posted below under “Deposit Information”.  Choose payment by…..

  • Credit Card: Let the office know when discussing registration; or e-mail and request account information for Suzuki Program payment by credit card.
  • Cash or Check
    • Cash Deposit (Hardcopy or Web Reg Forms): All cash deposits must be made in-person at our 10 Irving Street office. Please call in advance to confirm that someone will be available at the time of your visit.
    • Online Registration (Web Reg Form): Mail the appropriate deposit amount, by check, within two days of submitting the Web Reg Form below.  -OR-
    • Standard Mail (Hard copy form posted under Step 3 above): Include check with form.

For First Step summer families, once registration form and deposit are received, we will coordinate with Amy Matherly who will be working to determine a day and time for your group class.  At the same time, Kristjon Imperio will work to identify a private lesson time with a suzuki lesson teacher.  This process can sometimes take a few weeks.

We will consult with you if we have questions around scheduling.  If we cannot find placement with a private lesson teacher that fits your schedule needs, you will receive a full refund minus $40 registration fee.  If we cannot find placement for a group class that fits your schedule needs, Amy Matherly or Kristjon Imperio will contact you to review possible alternate options or to arrange for a full refund minus the registration fee.

Deposit Information

Please view the Pakachoag Suzuki Pay Plans 2019-2020 document to determine your deposit amount and to review payment samples.  Actual payment plan amounts due for each family often shift during the course of the year, depending on whether you submit a payment by check/cash (discount applied), enroll a sibling (discount applied toward year end), or might have a credit on file.  Your account information will be available online once a registration is processed by the office, and can be referenced prior to submitting a payment.

Step Five:  Schedule and Start Date Confirmation

Watch for confirmation from Amy Matherly regarding group class placement and associated information; and from Kristjon Imperio regarding Private Lesson placement and start date.

Summer Lessons

For summer lessons, the process and how we schedule is slightly different.  Visit the Summer Program Registration page for information regarding summer lessons.

Web-Based Registration Form for Suzuki Program and Private Lessons

Complete and submit your Web-Reg Form below.  (Or click under item 3 above to download a printable, mail-in form).

LF: School Year Private Lessons Web Reg Form

Please complete and submit this form as part of the registration process.
  • For adult students, you are welcome to enter 01/01/1920 if you prefer not to be specific about age.
    Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Please note that while you may be playing out of /using a Suzuki Method Book, participation in the program is based on weekly participation in both a group class and a private lesson.
  • Please tell us the name of your day school - elementary, middle, Jr. High, High School or College. Or, please note 'none' or 'home-schooled'.
  • Time Schedule Availability

    Even if you already know the assigned time of your lesson, please provide the time information requested. This helps us assess options in the event that a schedule change is needed during the course of the year.

    Please provide as wide a time range as possible; a minimum 90 minute time frame is requested.

    If you do not yet know the day of your lesson, please provide information around general availability.

  • Please answer according to the student's general availability on weekdays.
  • Please tell us the earliest possible time you can arrive for a lesson during the school year. If you do not yet know day of lesson, what is the earliest possible time you can usually arrive?
  • What is the latest possible end time you can be on hand during the school year. If you do not yet know the day of your lesson, please answer according to 'usually'.
  • If a class is available for your age and approximate level, we will follow up with more information.
  • We appreciate your reporting on this item which helps us report back to grantors around student reach and service. You may select 'prefer not to respond' if so desired.
  • Would you prefer receiving text messages, if texting becomes available?
  • We appreciate your reporting on this item which helps us report back to grantors around student reach and service. You may select 'prefer not to respond' if so desired.
  • We appreciate your reporting on this item which helps us report back to grantors around student reach and service. You may select 'prefer not to respond' if so desired.
  • Please indicate if you wish to submit your deposit with credit card. We will contact you, usually within 48 business hours of receiving your registration, with information on how to pay with credit card.
  • Please let us know if you would like additional information regarding...
  • Please use the check boxes to determine payment due. Select a registration fee and lesson length. Suzuki class? Please include Suzuki Program deposit also.
  • Do you give Pakachoag Music School permission for yourself and/or your child(ren) to be photographed and/or videotaped during school functions for school purposes and for such photos or videos to be used commercially by the school, including postings on the School web site.
  • Please review our Lesson Program Policies at this link prior to completing registration, and confirm your acceptance below. This includes information regarding make-ups, withdrawal, weather, and student supervision. Private Lesson Policies