Harmony Thanks

Harmony Fund Contributors & Grantors

THANK YOU for jumping on board to join us in keeping the music playing.

We’re close to meeting our FY21 goal by end of fiscal year.  The listing below is as of 4/29/21.

FY21 Goal:  $44,000.    To date:  $42,636

This young student is in his first year of lessons.  After leaving his lesson this week, teacher Curtis Smith told me, “After we took the quick video, he left the studio and exclaimed to his mom in the hallway, ‘Mom, I got three new songs this week!’ ”

Every gift is the gift of music for a student.  Every gift ensures a strong tomorrow for the School.

The 2021 Harmony Fund Donors & Grantors

5+ consecutive years       ♪♪10+ Years        ♪♪♪   20+ Years         ♪♪♪♪  30+ Years     Cavatina Society  ☼  

The Fiscal Year 2021 Harmony Fund runs September 2020 to August 2021 

Visionaries ($10,000+)

Greater Worcester Community Foundation, in Partnership with The Barr Foundation

The Klarman Family Foundation

Jane & Dennis Neslusan ♪♪ 

Maestros ($5,000+)

The Arthur M. and Martha R. Pappas Foundation

Massachusetts Cultural Council

Alison Snyder & Don Allison ♪♪♪ 

The Stoddard Charitable Trust

Patricia & Paul Verderese ♪♪♪♪

 Composers ($2,500+)

Catherine Z.  & J. Christopher Collins ♪♪ 

DCU For Kids

Hoche-Schofield Foundation, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee

The Ruth H. and Warren A. Ellsworth Foundation

Conductors ($1,000+)

Diane (Paradis) Degon and David Degon ♪♪♪

Bruce Foss  

Susan & John Howland ♪♪ 

Kallin & Linda Johnson ♪♪

Susan Kraft & Donald Michaels ♪♪ 

Kristin Morales-Lemieux & Harry Lemieux

Roderick & Kathleen O’Connor ♪♪ 

Brian & Maria Perry ♪

Robinson Mountain Trust

The Schwartz Charitable Foundation

In Memory of Joseph L. and Georgette C. Smongeski ♪♪♪

Vickie & Bob Thebeau ♪♪

The Webster Five Foundation

Soloist ($500+)

Randolph & Edla Ann Bloom 

James & Josephine Castano ♪

Linda & Norm Corbin, In Memory of Kathy Lake

Jennifer & Michael Dowdle ♪

Tom Ingrassia ♪♪  

Catherine & Daniel Ivascyn

Crystal Jiang & Yong Wang ♪ 

Julie & Andrew Kelleher ♪♪

Kristin Morales-Lemieux

Gail Morgan & Bernard Lempicki ♪♪ 

Dr. & Mrs. John Paul & Beth Verderese ♪♪ 

The White Companies Charitable Trust, In Memory of Leonard & Ann White

Concert Master ($250+)

Emrah Cakir

In Memory or Antoinette Giannini

Roger Greene  ♪♪

Barbara & Donald Groves ♪♪

John & Gail Lefferts ♪♪♪

In Memory of Leonard McLaughlin

Rosemary Metcalf

Patricia O’Leary ♪

Erin & Joseph Simpson

Edward J. Smongeski & Mary Rocheleau

Dr. Karen Way ♪

Section Leader ($100+)

Christian & Melissa Adamiak
Alden Anderson ♪♪
Janeen & Rex Baker ♪♪♪
Paul Bertler
Susan Burak,   In Memory of  Doris P. Burak ♪
Ruby Burke ♪♪
Joan & John Butterworth ♪♪♪
Melanie Donegan
Jeff Dostal ♪
Marjorie & John Farr
Joyce Fuller ♪♪
Janice A. Gallo
Ann Gallup
In Memory of Antoinette Giannini
Silvia & Donald Irving ♪♪♪
Tom & Pam Johnson ♪♪
John Verderese & Susan Kendall
Ryan Kittredge ♪
Michele & Joe Lyons ♪
Heather & Taylor MacFarlane ♪
Jennifer & Ryan Maloney
Dottie Manning
Amy Matherly
Sharon McLaughlin ♪
Frederick & Kathleen Monbouquette  ♪♪
Anne & Pat Morris
Sonia Paulino
Ronald & Mary Plutnicki, In Memory of JoAnne O’Brien
Mary Ann Preskul-Ricca & Joseph Ricca ♪
Rick Quimby
Tina Reid, In Honor of Service Dog  Franklin Reid
Vidya Sambasivan
Debby & Paul Sedgwick ♪
Bryan and Mary Anne Slack ♪♪♪♪
Candace & D. Neel Smith ♪♪
Lincoln & Robin Spaulding
Carol Stewart-Grinkis, In Honor of Betty Stewart
Betsy & Jack Wertheimer
Susan Wobst  ♪
Harry Woodell
Vicki & Charles Zelnick ♪
Dr. Leah Zelnick & Ryan Lauria ♪

Music Friends (Up to $99)

Linda L. Acciardo
Amazon Smile Foundation
Nancy Avila ♪♪
Eleanor Bergquist ♪♪♪♪
Stanley Berman, In Memory of Eileen Berman
Cristina (Verderese) & Greg Canning ♪♪
Kim Ciborowski, In Memory of Henry Ciborowski
Donald Combes, In Honor of Thomas Ingrassia
Jane Costello ♪♪♪♪
Marie Laure Couet
Durant’s Appliance  Service
Nike Erskine
D. Favreau
Judith A. Freelander, In Memory of Barry Freelander ♪
Janice A. Gallo ♪♪
Ann Gallup
Marcos & Devin Gouveau
Melodie Hanks ♪♪
Julie Holston ♪♪
Pat Knowlton,  In Memory of Leeroy Knowlton ♪♪
Sarah Libby
Sharon McLaughlin
Anne & Pat Morris ♪♪
Inna Muravnik
Ron & Mary Plutnicki, In Honor of Janet Carvelli ♪♪
Marion Rabinowitz
Barbara & John Ramian,  In Memory of Frank & Betty Kalonas ♪♪
Sheila Reid ♪♪
Ruth Russo, In Memory of Al Russo
Ryan Saunders
Sharon Shepard
Curtis Smith
Betsy & Carl Soderberg
LeighAnn Soucy
Anna Spencer
Usha Verma
Chris Wychorski

Another quick hello from a Pakachoag student, below.  Curtis tells me that this student is a great listener.   “She is also self motivated which is an important trait for a pianist since we spend most of our time practicing on our own!”