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Hello!  Here you will find miscellaneous postings related to your enrollment as a Suzuki family.


The October Practice Challenge 2020

Here’s the Practice Challenge Calendar 2020 you  can use to track your progress.

The BIG Ear Challenge 2020!

Happy new school year!

Click below to access the Big Ear Challenge information and calendar you’ll need to track your progress.

Big Ear Challenge 2020

Big Ear Challenge Calendar

Recognizing Suzuki Milestones: The Twinkles

In order to be awarded a ‘Twinkle Pin’ students must:

  • Submit a video of all of the Twinkle Variations and the Theme performed with accompaniment, demonstrating good violin position, tone, intonation and tempo.  This recording will be viewed by both the student’s teacher and the Suzuki Program Coordinator.
  • Perform a Variation and the Theme in a performance class or recital.

Students will then be publicly congratulated and awarded a pin. This program is not meant to be a competition, but an individual process, and it is completely optional.  Only students who are motivated to achieve this milestone should pursue a twinkle pin.

As of 2019, our Monthly Suzuki E-News now goes out directly via Constant Contact.

Below you can find various documents that accompany past newsletters.

October 2019 E-News Attachment

October Practice Challenge Calendar 2019

January 2018 E-news Attachments

The two documents below are referenced in Amy Matherly’s January Suzuki Parent Newsletter.
Click to view/print a pdf :

  1. Parent Teacher Conference Questionnaire
  2. twinkle-pin-info

May 2017 E-News Attachment

Review as Part of Practice

April 2017 E-news Attachments

Lucy Phillips-New England Suzuki Institute:  The Phillips family summary regarding their NESI summer experience.

Ogontz Suzuki Camp Experience by Henry Wang and family:  The Wang family’s feedback regarding their Ogontz summer experience.

January 2017 E-news Attachments

These documents are referenced in Amy Matherly’s January Suzuki Parent Newsletter.  Click to view/print a pdf.



3 – Practicing Challenges:  The Beginning, The Middle and The End.
Ideas for Parents by Amy Matherly



New for 2017:  Parent Conferences

As also outlined in PDF No. 1 above:  We will be holding Parent Teacher conferences during the month of January.  We are trying this for the first time this year and participation is voluntary.  We hope you will try it! Let your teacher know if you would like to sign on for a conference.

How The Conferences Work

Our Suzuki Parent Teacher Conference will give you and your teacher the opportunity to discuss how things are going, address concerns and come up with a unified plan for your child’s instrumental music study in 2017.

Your teacher will benefit from hearing about your child from your perspective and you can learn more about your teacher’s strategies and goals for him or her.

Topics for discussion:

  • Your child’s lessons and progress
  • Practice habits and challenges
  • Goals – do we share the same ones?
  • Areas that you feel you need more help or support
  • What you feel is working as well as things that can be changed or improved
  • Anything else that you would like to bring up

How it will work:

  • To help you organize your thoughts we have put together a questionnaire (posted as Item 2 above). Fill it out and bring it with you to the conference.
  • The conference will take place during the student’s regular lesson time without the student present (and will take the place of one lesson).
  • We offer the option of having more experienced students attend part of the conference so that they can express their point of view and ask questions. If you think this may be valuable for your child, they will also be given a questionnaire to complete and will be invited in at some point.