Performance Program Information

This page provides information related to performance classes, school-wide recitals and the School’s honors recital.  Participation depends upon several factors:  student interest, as well as readiness.  First year students, in particular, may need several months of lessons, sometimes a full year, before they may be ready to participate in a school performance.

If your child is not yet an active participant in student performances and wishes to be included, please speak with your teacher so they know of your child’s interest.

Our performance program is optional, but we find most students enjoy the opportunity.

2020-2021 Special Note on Performance Program

During this time of COVID-19 restrictions and social distancing requirements, we have suspended onsite performance classes and recitals until further notice.  We wish to continue to provide opportunities for students to participate in our performance program.  Beginning January 2021, we launched virtual performance classes where our students can continue to share music within our community.  As is customary, all students are invited to participate, with teacher approval, and all submissions must be received, following guidelines, by the due dates listed below.

Additional schedule information may also be found on our Calendar Page.

Virtual Performance Classes

Performance classes will be pre-recorded and launched on a private/closed social media platform for students and families to enjoy for the 2020-2021 academic year.  Performance classes will take place once every two weeks with submission deadlines one week prior.  A link will be schedule-sent by email to participating students/families at class start times.  As a pre-recorded class, these videos will be viewable, in full, at any time after launch.

Public Virtual Performance Class
YouTube: Friday, June 11, 6:30pm
YouTube: Saturday, June 12, 6:30pm
YouTube: Sunday, June 13, 6:30pm

Full Weekend Performance Class Roster
All classes premiered on YouTube

Submission Requirements

Student performance class signup forms and videos must be received by deadline to be added to performance class.  Videos should be emailed to  If the video requires piano accompaniment, sheet music must also be included with original submission.

Each video must include the following:

  • 5-second moment of stillness and silence before and after speaking/playing
  • speaking portion before playing (in this order): student’s name and the title and composer of piece to be performed
  • a nice smile and full bow after playing the piece

Dress code, as with in-person performance classes, is casual.  Please make sure that the camera is steady and lighting gives a good view/angle of the performer.  Plan to use landscape view to ensure the best video edit (hold phone/device horizontally instead of vertically for a wide shot).  Keep background noise/sound to a minimum — we wish to feature our wonderful students and their playing, not a dishwasher or humidifier.