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Thank you for joining the Pakachoag  Music Together family as a parent, grand parent or caregiver.  Did you know:

Repeated, on-going participation for your little one’s entire early childhood years is the most effective way to assure future musical success while laying a foundation for success when entering school?  We offer 3 years of varied song collections designed to be repeated – for a total of 6 years of singing and movement, language, memory, tonal and rhythmic development.

Download Your Music

Music Together® Family Music Zone

Log in to the Family Music Zone for videos, coloring pages, craft ideas,
and trivia related to this session’s Music Together song collection!
Use your access code from the inside cover of your song collection CD booklet.

You can also access the song collections from the Hello, Everybody! app.
With the app, you can sing along to the songs with or without the lyrics and have fun with music
wherever you are! Download now!

Sharing with Family

You can share your music with your family.  While the code can only be entered in one account, that one account can be used on many devices simultaneously. For your ease, we recommend:

  • One person in the family create the account with one email and a family-friendly password. No personal information is required to create the account.
  • Add all the codes from the song collections you own.
  • Share the email address and password with the whole family, including grandparents and caregivers.

Then, Any family members can login to their individual devices.  There is no limit on how many devices can login simultaneously with the same account email and password to access the music, which is stored for you in the cloud.

In other words: Your account is independent from any device. It exists in the cloud so you, and your family, can access from any device with the app, or any computer with a browser, by using the same credentials (email and password).

More About The Family Music Zone

  • The collection featured on the home page is the one most recently unlocked.
  • You may purchase CD, songbook, notation for the collection you already own by being enrolled in class.
  • The activities section and Let’s Play section (in the HE app) is the same content and this includes the songbook and parent guides in a flip book format (not downloadable), and bonus activities.

More About the Hello Everybody App

  • The unlocked music can be found under the “Music” section along the red bar at the bottom of the screen. Try it out and learn the words with the karaoke feature!
  • A digital songbook and bonus activities can be found under “Let’s Play.”
  • Find answers to questions about your account here:
  • You can watch video tutorials on creating an account and unlocking music here:

**NEW** Feedback Opportunity & On-Line End-of-Session Evaluation:

We invite you to offer feedback related to your experience as a Pakachoag Music Together family.
Click here to complete the end of session evaluation survey.

You are welcome to submit the survey anytime, although we particularly appreciate receiving your feedback between weeks 6 and 9 of your current session.  This allows us to respond to suggestions or requests for information prior to finishing the current session.

Printed evaluation forms are also made available to enrolled families via your classroom teacher.

Referral Discounts:

If you refer someone new to Pakachoag and they enroll for a full school-year Music Together session, you can qualify for $15 off your next session tuition.  You can note the name of the person you referred on your pre-registration form; or just let us know at the front desk.  Thank you for your referrals!

Sick Child?

These Sick Child Guidelines provide  helpful information about when you might want to keep your child home and when they are likely ready to return to class.

Pre-Register and Save $15

As a continuing student, you can save $15 if you pre-register for an upcoming session within the defined pre-registration dates.

Please move to the Register page and look for Music Together to retrieve a printable registration form or a link to on-line registration with Pay-Pal.

Please note that you will need to retrieve the code word from the printable form in order to register on-line during the pre-registration period.

Interesting Research …

Research on Brain Development and MT (Spring 2014) – Read this synopsis surrounding the clear benefits of the Music Together experience on a young child’s brain development.

Parent Education Moments: Weekly Take-Home Flyers

The following take-home flyers offer activities that go along with the Music Together songs and other interesting facts.

Week 1 – Hello Song

Weed 2 – Round Robin

Week 3 – Children Teach Themselves Through Play

Week 4 – Old Brass Wagon

Week 5 – One Little Owl

Week 6 – Songs Without Words

Week 7 – Merry Go Round

Week 8 –Secrets

Week 9 – Tonal and Rhythm Patterns

Week 10 – Sneakin ‘Round the Room