Current Students

For our enrolled students, you can find specific information here related to your enrollment at Pakachoag.  

Please click here to move to our Performance Program page where you can access a link for online signup for performance classes.


If you wish to enter the online registration portal to review your existing account, please click here.



“Music for Life” Campaign

As an enrolled student, we hope you’ll take a minute to learn more about our three-year Music for Life campaign, running September 2015 through 2018.

Read more about Music for Life in our Fall/Winter 16 School Newsletter.

At Pakachoag we make Music for Life. We challenge students to:

  • Stretch for high standards
  • Take risks
  • Recover from mistakes
  • Gain confidence to succeed

….in music and in life.


As a Pakachoag family, would you be willing to volunteer for one activity annually?  You can help us match you to a need, by completing this Volunteer Survey and returning it to the front office anytime.  Thank you!


If you are a facebook user,  “Like” Pakachoag’s Facebook Page to receive news on special discounts, free concert ticket offers, reminders, and weekly news.  This is a great way to stay on top of what’s happening weekly at Pakachoag.

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Please Check that you are receiving Enrolled Family E-Mails

E-mail is our primary mode of communication with regard to sending out confirmation information  and reminders regarding deadlines or policy information connected to your program participation.  Please take a moment to designate school e-mail addresses as “safe” / “never block sender/sender’s domain”  (for Pakachoag:  “”).

We kindly request that you do NOT unsubscribe from Constant Contact e-mails while enrolled as this will preclude you from receiving important information.

Please look for e-mails at least once-a-month and let us know if you are not hearing from us.

Withdrawing?  Moving on from Pakachoag?

Please visit our withdrawal page and complete the withdrawal questionnaire.

Summer 2017 – Private Lessons

You can view this 2016_Summer Lesson Reg- Sample Form for detailed information about how the summer registration process works for private lessons.

For a teacher-specific private lesson schedule and registration form, please e-mail, or call Sarah Smongeski, Director, at 508-791-8159.  Teacher specific forms become available during the months of April and May.

Summer 2017 – All Other, Group Programs

Group program registration opens March 1st.

To access registration forms /links for group programs (early childhood, Suzuki Violin/Cello, Theater, Ensembles), please visit the Register Page.

For private lessons, please e-mail for a teacher-specific schedule and registration form, or call Sarah Smongeski, Director, at 508-791-8159.

How I’m Growing 

Click here to respond to the survey “How I’m Growing from/with Music Lessons”.