New to private lessons with Pakachoag?  Sign up for school year lessons now (by September 24th) and we’ll waive the $40 registration fee.

Our featured instrument for September is the Fife.  A great way to get started, for ages 7 to 10.  If you want to play in band next year, fife lessons will give you a head start.  We’ll teach you how to blow, finger, listen and some basic music reading.  From Fife, you can move to the flute, to clarinet, sax, or a brass instrument.  Fife is particularly great for pre-flute, as the way we blow is very similar to playing the flute.

Kiki, in the photo, began Fife lessons in Fall of 2019.  She is now off and running with her flute!

Fife lessons are offered remotely until at least January.  Because we are remote, we ask that a parent be on hand for the lesson so you can guide practice between lessons and assist with some of the physical “set-up” (positioning for holding and blowing) when getting started.

We have a few different scheduling options.

Our teacher is Alice Daugherty.

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Thank you!

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