Release of Liability COVID-19

We are requiring that all private lesson students sign this release.  For other programs and activities:   If you will or might visit the school or a satellite location while COVID-19 is with us, we will need you to sign this Waiver of Liability.

Due date for students registered as of 8/13/2020 is 8/21/2020.  For newly enrolling private lesson families, please complete this form as part of the enrollment process.  Thank you.

We are also requiring that all visitors to the school or one of our satellites adhere to specific safety protocols which are outlined in the COVID-19 Handbook for Pakachoag Enrollees and Visitors Aug 2020.  Please download and read the handbook.  We will ask below that you confirm receipt of this handbook.

  • If you need us to mail you a printed copy of the handbook and/or a copy of this form due to lack of access to a computer please email
  • If English is a second language and you are unclear about the information being provided, you are welcome to call us at 508-791-8159.
  • For families of teachers who are teaching Remote-Only: If you are taking lessons remote-only, we do request that you complete this form in the event that you might choose to visit the school at any time during the course of the current school year, through August 2021.

Please know that if any student or family is uncomfortable with in-person activity, all private lesson teachers are available to teach remote only, assuming scheduling permits.