Suzuki Violin Group Class Schedules

The group class schedules are generally drafted in May of each year and confirmed with the onset of the new academic year in September.  Modifications are sometimes made in January as enrollment necessitates.

Group Schedule for Fall 2015:  This schedule is not yet updated for 2016-2017

Group Level Day Time Teacher Location
Debut One Beginner Monday – Starting November   5:00 Madalyne Cross Auburn
Debut Two Beginner Thursday – Starting November   6:00 Amy Matherly West Boylston
Encore 1 Early Book One Monday 5:30 Madalyne Cross Auburn
Encore 2 Early Book One Wednesday 5:45 Amy Matherly W. Boylston
Andante Late Book One Thursday   5:30 Madalyne Cross W. Boylston
Allegro Book Two Thursday   4:45 Madalyne Cross W. Boylston
Presto Book Three Friday   4:30 Laurie Knorr Auburn
Unison Book Four Thursdays – 2x per month   6:30 Amy Matherly W. Boylston

Suzuki Group May 16 W

About Group Classes as Part of the Suzuki Program:

Suzuki Program students participate in a weekly group class in addition to private lessons. In group class, students learn to play together, review and reinforce skills learned in the private lesson and polish pieces for performance. Group classes provide support, motivation and fun to both students and parents and are as important as the private lesson in a student’s musical development.

Students are placed according to their playing level, and not necessarily according to age. Class assignment is made by the Suzuki Coordinator in consultation with your private teacher. Your child will get the most out of the group class when it is held on a different day from the private lesson so please plan to come twice a week.