Practice, Perform Workshops

Alexander Technique and more for Jr. High and High School

Choose Session I and/or Session II

  • Our Session I classes provide skills for making practice time more efficient and effective.
  • During session II, we’ll focus on skills that can help you become more confident when on stage.


Classes are offered from 1:00 to 2:00 and 2:00 to 3:00 pm.  If you are signing up for the  Summer Brass, Woodwind & Chime-In Camps, your registration includes this workshop.

The classes are appropriate for Jr High and High School aged students.

  • Session I:  Monday, July 29 to Friday, August 2nd  and/or
  • Session II:  Monday, August 5 to Friday, August 9th

Tuition & Registration


  • One week, meeting for one hour each day:  $78 / $75 discounted if paying by check or cash  OR
  • Both weeks, meeting for one hour each day:  $146 / $140 discounted if paying by check or cash

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More About These Workshops

Pre-Requisites for Either Class

We suggest you have at least one year of experience playing an instrument.  You can be any level.  This is because we’ll focus on each student’s expanded awareness, not on musical proficiency.  We welcome a variety of ages and levels.  This variety will help each member of the group process their learning from different vantage points.

More about Session I: Practice Skills

Curtis Smith, teacher and certified Alexander Technique instructor, will guide you in understanding how AT works and provide useful exercises and coaching to apply to your practice routines.  We’ll find time to laugh and share what its like to be ‘In The Zone’.

By the end of the week, you’ll have learned:

  • New skills for greater awareness and enjoyment of the sensory experience of playing your instrument (or singing)
  • A fresh approach to managing the physical aspects of making music in a more natural, effortless manner;
    and, going forward, you’ll have
  • A new mind set and focus during practice time, what professionals often refer to as “being in the zone”.

More About Session II: Performance Skills

This class is similar to Session I, but will be structured more tightly around performance skills.  We’ll explore the physical awareness that is tied to Alexander Technique, while also practicing specific skills for managing ourselves on stage.

By the end of the week, you will have learned:

  • How to make your performance more professional
  • What it means to present a ‘polished performance’
  • Pointers on how to recover, in the moment, when mistakes happen on-stage
  • Tips on memorization
  • How to focus and become more aware of healthy approaches to the physical aspects of performance

About Alexander Technique and Our Instructor

Alexander Technique is an educational process used around the world, in particular with musicians. The process guides the student in retraining habitual patterns of stress or inefficiency related to movement and posture.    The approach emphasizes awareness strategies applied to mindful action.   Teachers often begin with working on basic postures related to sitting and walking.  AT is used frequently among musicians, both amateurs and professionals, as a way to discover and re-train tension while playing an instrument or singing.

You can learn more about Alexander Technique at

Faculty member Curtis Smith taught Alexander Technique classes to middle and high school students for five years in Tallahasse, FL.  He also provides private lesson coaching for school-aged and adult students.   Curtis completed a three year certification training course with the Alexander Technique School New England, based in Amherst, in 2010.