Summer Registration

Summer Registration 2020

Register for summer early childhood classes from babies on up.

Here, you can find information on Summer Session Registration.  This includes group classes, camps, and workshops, with registration starting February 15.  We also provide information on how to register for summer private lessons.  And, Summer Policies are also posted on this page.  

COVID-19 Update for Summer 2020:  In-Person or Online?

Please check the program page you are interested in for more information.  We’re offering some classes online only; some in-person only; and some, we’ll decide as we get closer.  For private lessons, we’ll consult with you to determine best options.

Summer Group Class Registration

  • If you are ready to register for a group program, please 1) read the policies noted below; then 2) visit the summer session program page for your program of choice.   Each summer program page includes its own registration button.
  • If you need assistance completing a Web Registration Form, please call the office or email us at
  • You may find this Tips for Registering Online Page helpful if you register in the portal with credit card.

Summer Private Lesson Registration

Please visit the Summer Private Lesson page.

Summer Policies

1. Refunds/Student Absence

There are no refunds or credits for summer classes or programs.  If we do not select you for a program which requires screening or audition, we will refund your tuition (minus any registration fee).

The School reserves the right to cancel a class or program due to under-enrollment, in which case you will receive a full refund for the class or program that is cancelled. We are unable to make up student absences for any summer program – group class or private lesson.

2. Visiting & Use of the Premises

For Parents of students under age 18: Understanding that the facilities used for Pakachoag programs are accessible to the general public, when you submit your registration, you are confirming that you are — or your designated caregiver is — responsible to wait with your child/ren until your child’s or children’s assigned teacher is ready for him/her to enter his/her scheduled class or lesson.

We also require that you, as parent, or your designated caregiver be available promptly at the conclusion of the lesson or class to pick up your child and that you, as parent, or the designated caregiver, not school or facility staff or teachers, are/is responsible for your child or children’s safety and actions at all times prior to and immediately following a scheduled lesson or class.

3. Teacher/Weather Cancellations

If the School cancels a class due to teacher sickness or inclement weather, we will either arrange for a substitute teacher or a make-up will be provided at the end of the program session.  When registering, please check that we have your primary phone number. This allows us to contact you quickly in the event of a last minute sick/weather cancellation.

4. Priority Registration

We can offer priority registration, upon request, to summer families choosing to re-enroll for the Fall session for a similar program or class. Please inquire with the office for more information regarding pre-registration options. This may be particularly valuable for students taking private lessons, where teacher schedules sometimes fill in advance of September, based upon Spring semester continuing student registration.

Payment Methods when Registering

CREDIT CARD:  Most summer classes request payment by credit card.

CHECKS:  If paying by check, please make checks payable to PakMusic and mail to Pakachoag Music School, 10 Irving St, Worcester, MA 01609 .  A secure drop box outside the School Offices on 2nd floor of 10 Irving St, Worcester is also available.

CASH:  We accept cash in person at office.  Please call ahead to be sure someone is available at the time of your visit.  Please be sure to acquire a receipt at time of payment.

For private lessons, we offer a discount if paying by cash or check.

Registration is on a first-come / first-served basis upon receipt of payment.  We hold registration forms submitted in advance of payment for one week while awaiting payment.   We’ll process your registration once payment is received.

Other Ways to Enjoy Music This Summer

We’re fortunate to live in driving distance of Tanglewood!  This summer, consider a picnic or tour of this beautiful music venue known around the world for the best in music performances and professional education.