Tuition & Fees

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Annual Registration Fee

Due September or upon registration:  $40 / student; $70 / family.  This fee is non-refundable once a day and time for your first lesson has been confirmed.


Tuition includes a weekly private lesson and the opportunity to participate in additional performance/enrichment activities.

2016-2017  Annual Tuition –

for full academic year (34 weeks) (payable in five installments)

30 minute lessons $1190 ($35/ 30 minute lesson)

45 minute lessons  $1666 ($49/ 45 minute lesson)

60 minute lessons $2244 ($66/ 60 minute lesson)

Available Discountsprivate-CroteauBrooks-131

Families paying in full by November 1st for the current academic year (through June) qualify for a $20 discount.

For families with siblings enrolled, a 10% sibling discount (for each registration beyond the first) is applied prior to the final payment and an adjusted statement provided prior to final payment.

Discounted 45 and 60 minute rates and sibling discounts are applied to your total tuition based upon completion of a minimum of 16 lessons.

Payment Plan

We operate with a full year payment plan because most families who come to Pakachoag find they want to stay for the year (and beyond).

If not paying in full at the time of registration, you will automatically be placed on the annual Private Lesson Payment Schedule 2016-2017 with tuition billed in 5 installments.

Monday Students are billed based on a 32 week annual schedule to allow for Labor Day and Memorial Day holidays, and annual tuition is reduced accordingly.

While the payment plan is set up to reflect enrollment for a full academic year, families are welcome to enroll anytime during the year.

If for some reason you are unable to continue for the full year, you may withdraw with four weeks notice, and you will be responsible for the cost of these weeks whether the lessons are taken or not. You will be charged for the number of weeks that have elapsed since your start date, plus four. Any over-payment after adjustments are made will be refunded.

We recommend that you sign on with the intention of a minimum 3 month commitment. This is because it takes a number of weeks for a student to develop a routine of practice and the student develops a better sense of success once they can experience their progress over an extended number of weeks.

Mid-session enrollments are pro-rated based on your start date and the number of weeks remaining in the school year calendar (through late May/early June).  Payment plan due dates usually remain the same, with dollars due adjusted as appropriate.

Late payments are assessed a $10 monthly late fee. If payment is not made in a timely manner, lessons will be discontinued.

The School will consider individualized payment plans upon request. Please contact the office for more information.We do not accept payments on a per lesson basis.