Scheduling & Registration

PakRecital-Nov-12-1000617_optPrivate Lessons

Private lessons are offered at our Auburn and W. Boylston locations. Students may enroll for weekly lessons of 30, 45 or 60 minutes in length as recommended by the teacher or director, keeping in mind the student’s level and age. Most lessons are conducted during after-school and evening hours although daytime lessons are often available for adults and home-schooled children. Lesson day and time is arranged on an individual basis according to teacher/student schedules.

How to Register

Please call the office to speak with the Director, Sarah Smongeski, at 508-791-8159 or complete the inquiry form when selecting “Private Lessons” on our registration page portal prior to submitting a registration form. Sarah will take you through a series of questions designed to help determine the best match for the student, including schedule options. When possible, you’ll be matched with a teacher whose style complements the student’s learning style and interests. We may also recommend a visit to the School.

After identifying a potential time and teacher match, depending upon the time of year, you may be able to request a hold on a specific time slot for five days while you send in the appropriate registration form (see below) with deposit (including the non-refundable registration fee). Please note: Lesson slots are confirmed on a first-come / first-served basis based on when your deposit is received in the School office.

Once your first lesson date and time is confirmed, your total tuition amount will be calculated based on the remaining number of lessons in the program year. There are multiple billing cycles in the year. Your first bill will be the amount required to bring your account in line with the Private Lesson Payment Schedule 2016-2017  , and future bills will follow those amounts and schedule.

Registration Forms

  • New students should register using the Registration Form 2016-2017 or by submitting the Private Lesson inquiry form in the registration page portal.
  • Current or continuing students will be provided pre-registration forms available at Current Student:  Private Lessons Information.