Guitar Lessons (Electric & Acoustic)


Electric & Acoustic – Classical, Jazz, Folk, Pop

Guitar  lessons are currently available in Auburn on Wednesdays with faculty members Jeff Dostal and Josh Goldman.  Additional scheduling options may be possible.  Please call the office.

We offer instruction in all styles.  Students wishing to study electric guitar should bring a small amp to their lesson each week.

Students should generally be at least 6 years old to begin guitar lessons.  Eight years is a more common starting age.   Students younger than 8 years will require some parental support during practice and should be prepared to move slowly as they gradually master the basics.

We accept students of all levels, beginning to advanced.  Adult students are also welcome.

While lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis during the school year, we will consider accepting adult students on an every-other-week basis if scheduling permits.

Summer lessons are available on an individual basis according to student and teacher availability.  Please contact the office in April or May for information regarding summer lesson availability.

Please contact the Director at for more information regarding scheduling.

If you do not currently have a guitar, this article about how to choose a guitar may be helfpul.  You may also want to google ‘nylon string vs. steel string guitar’ (or ask for more information when purchasing).

You can view more information about our Guitar teachers at our String Faculty page.