Private Music Lessons

At Pakachoag, We Make Music for Life!

2016 Guitar Sabrina

Whatever your age, interest and level, we’ll support your musical growth and enjoyment.

Private Lessons at Pakachoag

Pakachoag offers Private Lessons across a range of instruments and musical styles, including private lessons in:  piano, violin, viola, bass, cello, voice, trumpet, flute, clarinet, piccolo, recorder, saxophone, guitar, accordion, and unique in this area, the pipe organ! We offer training in the traditional/classical style, plus jazz, folk, and more. Please visit our Instruments and Musical Styles page for additional information.

Private Lessons at Pakachoag include more than you might imagine. One of Pakachoag’s key distinctions is our Performance Programs. This is available at no cost to all private lesson students and provides opportunities to perform with an audience. This is one of several ways to participate in our dynamic community of students and their families, alongside a faculty committed to the development of musicianship.

Weekly private lessons, available in 30, 45 or 60 minute durations, are held in our Auburn and W. Boylston locations.

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 Our Faculty

All of our teachers are expert musicians on their instrument of instruction, and fall into the category of ‘teaching artists’. In addition to your weekly lessons, you may work with your instructor to explore additional opportunities beyond music lessons, to further expand your musical experience. You can learn more about our faculty here.