Music Together Policies & Procedures


Welcome to our Music Together Policies & Procedures page.  As a Pakachoag Music Together family, you and your child will play musically under the guidance of one of our trained teachers.

Guidelines and Policies for Our Pakachoag Music Together Family


Be ready to get silly! We expect every adult that attends to participate. Why? You are an excellent model for your child (or grandchild or, for caregivers, the child in your care) regardless of your musical ability. If you are enthusiastic and show your appreciation for music, each child will feel free to experience music to its fullest.

The health of our families and staff is very important to us. When in-person, we take the time to sanitize instruments and materials after each class. We set aside and clean more thoroughly those items that have been mouthed by babies and toddlers.

If you are unable to attend a class please send a quick email to or feel free to leave a message on the teacher mailbox at 508-791-8159 x1.[1]

For in-person classes, PLEASE DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILD TO CLASS SICK! If your child has a fever or contagious symptoms of any kind, kindly arrange to make-up the class. Class sizes are limited so please call within a week or so of missing a class and we’ll see if we can identify a class to work with your schedule.  Family make-up classes must be used within the registered semester and are not extended to future class semesters. For Saturday families, we schedule a specific make-up class at the end of the session.  The date will be confirmed in class and can be found here on the School MT Calendar.

Here you can find some useful Sick Child Pediatrician Guidelines for when to return to class following sickness.

[1] Please remember to tell us your name, and mention Music Together and teacher name or class location.

Class Size

Classes run with a minimum of 6 enrolled students and a maximum of 12 students. Classes are subject to cancellation or combination depending on enrollment. (See Class Cancellations below.)  We’ll consult with families prior to offering you your 2nd class choice or asking for a different option.

Class Start Time

Our classes aim to start right on time so please arrive early so your children have sufficient “warm-up” time to get comfortable with their space.  Feel free to bring a book as a quiet activity if you find yourself waiting in advance of class start time.  This type of quiet activity can help create an easy transition into the beginning of the class.   Please try to be present for the “Hello Song” – it is so important for children to participate in this ritual song and be welcomed to class when they hear their own name. The “Hello Song” is usually a family favorite, and is often the first Music Together song children learn, simply because they are engaged, it is simple, and we repeat it every class. So don’t miss out!

If you are enrolled in a Music Together Online class we also recommending moving to your “music” space (just an anywhere space with some free area for movement) also in advance of our start time and focusing on a quiet activity before we begin.  This assists young children with transitioning and renewed focus for music time.

Your Child

Please remember that our classes are non-performance oriented. That means that we do not expect children to memorize and recite songs for us – that is simply not developmentally appropriate! What children ages 0-5 will do in class varies greatly. They may move constantly, sit and observe, taste the instruments, try mimicking sounds and rhythms, or wait to make noise until they are in the car driving home! Despite the variety of reactions in class they are all processing musical information that with time and experience will emerge as music competency.


For the children’s benefit, we aim to make class time a music-immersion experience. We hope you find friends and community in class, but please save chatting for before and after class. Talking is distracting to your child, the teacher, to other families, and often draws out class time. Between the songs is sometimes the most exciting part of class as your child may audiate (imagine the sounds in their mind) or mimic the last tones or rhythms! If you talk, you may just miss those precious musical moments!


Children are certainly encouraged to move in class! We will jump, spin, wiggle, roll, and occasionally run in teacher led whole group activities. In general however, for safety reasons we have a no running policy. Teachers may assist and redirect children, but parents are responsible for their own child’s safety.

Phones & Cameras

Please mute, set to vibrate, or turn off your cell phone during class. If you must answer a call please leave the room to do so, but please remember classes are only 45 minutes, and your participation is essential.

You will undoubtedly want to take photos and videos of your child making music! However, since your participation is essential, please limit picture taking in class. If time allows we will make a “photo-op” happen after class with instruments upon request. Also, please do not photograph, film, or post photos of other children without their families’ permission.

Pakachoag Music School may occasionally take photos to post on our website, facebook page and for other promotional purposes. We track your photo permissions provided at registration.

Food & Drink

Please feel comfortable to nurse or bottle feed your baby in class at your own discretion. Other than that, we ask that beverages and snacks NOT appear in class. Our classes may be more energetic than you expect so we DO encourage you to bring water and stay hydrated.

Siblings, Family & Guests

We encourage all family members – including extended family – to attend whenever possible! Children under 8 months at the time of registration are always free with a registered sibling! Siblings older than 5 years are welcome to attend if they understand the responsibility of participating and setting a good example for their younger peers. We do not cancel classes for school in-service days nor for some holidays; we do sometimes schedule make-ups during school vacation weeks.  This means older siblings are welcome to attend on these odd days when grade schools may not be in session.

We also encourage you to bring friends with children age 0-5 to a class to find out if they might like to join us for a future semester. Please contact us first to make sure we have space available before bringing children and friends who are not registered.

Policy for Class Cancellations & Inclement Weather

Full Session classes will be subject to cancellation due to insufficient enrollment (minimum 6 children), in which case you may choose to be refunded or join another Pakachoag Music Together class as space permits.

Holiday closures for specific class dates will be announced at the beginning of each session.

Specific class dates may be canceled due to inclement weather, teacher illness, and for other extraordinary circumstances.

For weather cancellations, we follow the local school closures (but not necessarily delays) for each of our class locations.  Cancellations for inclement weather will be posted on the Weather Page of our website (found under “News & Events).  We do not call or email when questionable weather is forecast, but ask you to check the website.

Cancelled in-person classes may flip to zoom (we’ll post any changes on the weather page) or will be made up at the end of the semester, and changes reflected on the MT Calendar.

More About Instrument Sanitization

As noted above, each teacher sanitizes hand-held instruments used after each class. We use a child safe cleaning solution that can be sprayed and air dried.

  • If you, as parent, end up with a “wet” instrument, please immediately place the instrument in the holding bucket at the end of the activity so it comes out of circulation.
  • If you might have a child with a susceptible immune system, you might wish to bring your own instruments to class.    Please transport your instruments in a back pack or similar so that instruments can be kept out of sight/out of mind until the appropriate class activity.
  • We encourage families to keep hand sanitizer with you to wash hands before and after class which can also help with the spread of germs.
  • If your child is a “mouther”, please keep a close eye on him/her during instrument play time, for extra safety.

We also recommend reviewing our Sick Child Guidelines to help you know the right time to return to class after a sickness.

Make-Ups, Payments, Refund Policies; Financial Aid

Making Payment: To be fully enrolled in class full payment is due at time of registration. “Pay Later”/mail check in registrations will be categorized as “pending/TBC” meaning that your spot is not secured until payment is received.

If your financial circumstances make it difficult to make full payment in advance of class, you may request split payment by contacting our registrar.

Financial aid is available for families with limited annual income on a first come/first served basis. Please request our financial aid application for more information.

Refund Policies

NO REFUNDS are given after the second week of class. We understand that sometimes unexpected things happen, however, please note that non-attendance does NOT constitute a withdrawal from class. We can only offer a partial refund if the office is informed of your intent to withdraw immediately following the second week of class. Please email if you wish to withdraw.

A $20 handling fee will be deducted from any refunds given, as well as a $40 materials fee for materials since they can not be returned. If materials are in new condition and have not been taken home before a refund is requested, the materials fee will not be charged.

Make-Up Classes for Family Absence

Families may book up to two make-up classes by calling the office in advance.  For enrollees of Music Together Online, you are welcome to request multiple make-ups.  We’ll schedule as long as remote class size permits for extras online.    Make-ups are scheduled on a first-come/first-served basis according to space available. Please try to book your make-ups within the week of your missed class. End-of-session make-ups are sometimes in greater demand and space therefore more limited.

Changes in Schedules or Class Cancellation

In the event of any changes to class schedule (including teacher assignment, times, or locations) enrolled families will be informed in advance.

Pakachoag Music School reserves the right to cancel any class which is under-enrolled.

Keeping Healthy / Staying Healthy

How to Determine When to Keep a Child Home due to Sickness

Please read these Sick Child Guidelines which were prepared by a pediatrician  and Music Together dad.  This can help you assess your child’s wellness for coming to class and consider when to return to class after a sickness.  We have a flexible make-up policy so if you are out sick, please let us know if there is another class you’d like to book as a make-up.

Music Together Health Policies & Missed Classes


We have updated our health policy information as posted below to respond to specific concerns connected with the COVID-19 virus.  Please reivew this information in advance of attending any in-person activity with Pakachoag.

Health Policy Update 2020


 Instrument Cleaning Guidelines

Early childhood instruments used during Music Together classes are ‘sterilized’ with a child safe cleaning solution immediately after each class (sprayed and air dried).

If you, as parent, end up with a “wet” instrument, please immediately place the instrument in the holding bucket at the end of the activity so it comes out of circulation.

Families are welcome to bring your own instruments to class.  Please transport your instruments in a back pack or similar so that instruments can be kept out of sight/out of mind until the appropriate class activity.

We encourage families to keep hand sanitizer with you to wash hands before and after class which can also help with the spread of germs.

If your child is a “mouther”, please keep a close eye on him/her during instrument play time, for extra safety.

We also recommend reviewing our sick child guidelines above to help you know the right time to return to class after a sickness.

Privacy Policies

Pakachoag Music School and Music Together LLC maintain several email lists to keep subscribers informed about news and the latest information as it pertains to classes, scheduling, events, School information and promotions. Individuals may also receive materials by mail or be contacted by telephone. We do not share email and other contact information with anyone outside of Pakachoag and Music Together LLC or its authorized agents. Only Pakachoag Music School and Music Together LLC staff and our authorized agents have access to personally identifiable information provided voluntarily by visitors to our site.

If you opt to store Credit Card information when making a payment for a music school class or activity, that information is stored in a secure gateway. Only  partial information is retained in the School database as an additional security measure.

Resale or Disclosure of Information to Third Parties

We promise to respect your privacy. Any information you provide about yourself or your students is held with care and security and will not be used in ways to which you have not consented. We do not sell, rent, loan, transfer, or otherwise disclose any personal information, including your name, address, or email addresses with other organizations outside of Pakachoag Music School or Music Together LLC.

Terms of Use, Notices and Revisions

We reserve the right to change our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use at any time.

This information was last updated September 18, 2019