Harp lessons are currently available in Worcester.  For this instrument, we offer 8 or 10 week blocks of lessons.  Please call the office for scheduling information.

Susan Howland, harp faculty, teaches lever and pedal harp (also small folk harp, sometimes referred to as lap harp).  You can begin lever harp lessons around age 6.  Students should be around age 10 for beginning pedal harp.

Our teacher can provide guidance on securing an instrument (purchase or perhaps rental).  For questions, contact us at 508-791-8159 or info@pakmusic.org.

We accept students of all levels, beginning to advanced. Adult students are also welcome.

While lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis during the school year, we will consider accepting adult students on an every-other-week basis if scheduling permits.

Summer lessons are available on an individual basis according to student and teacher availability. Please contact the office in April or May for information regarding summer lesson availability.

Please contact the Director at Sarah@pakmusic.org for more information regarding scheduling.

You can view more information about our Harp teacher, Susan Howland, here.