Musicianship/Theory Classes

Theory classes are a great way for school-aged students to enhance their learning.  And, students tend to enjoy being in a small group class with other musically-minded colleagues.

Our theory classes are open to all interested students, but if you are enrolled in private lessons at Pakachoag or are a student in the Worcester Youth Orchestras (WYO) or Worcester Children’s Chorus you qualify for a 50% discount.

Theory social June 2015

Theory students gather for an end of year social.

Classes meet by-weekly and include access to the on-line Theory in A Box  curriculum.

Outside students may also enroll in theory classes at the open rate.

In addition, Pakachoag students who are unable to participate in theory classes, have the option to sign-on to use Theory In A Box for independent, home study.  Your private lesson teacher can assist you during your  lesson time with questions about any current assignment.

More information is provided below.

To enroll, please complete this Theory Class Interest Form to or drop the form off at the front desk in Auburn; OR complete the following form.

Who Should Enroll in Theory Classes?

We urge all of our private instruction students, aged 7 and up, to request enrollment in a Musicianship/Theory class or to consider the on-line independent study; we welcome non-Pakachog students to join us for these classes.

What Does a Student Learn from these Classes and On-Line Curriculum?Theory Class Fall 14 W

Theory classes and the on-line curriculum reinforce and expand upon the skills and knowledge necessary for good musicianship. Study of key signatures, scales, intervals and chords is included in the structured curriculum.

How and When do I sign up?

Please check the appropriate interest box on your Private Instruction registration form, when registering.  Students should consult with the Director regarding class assignment.

To maximize learning, the curriculum spans both first and second semester; students who enroll for private instruction after September will be considered for class enrollment on a case by case basis.

When do classes meet?

Classes will meet on Thursdays or Fridays (TBC) after-school, every other week.  September through April.

To find out if we have a class for you, please check off ‘ interested in theory classes’ when registering for private lessons, and speak with the School Director.

For information on fees please refer to Theory Class Interest Form

What if the Class Schedule does not work for me?

Please consider signing on for the on-line curriculum which can be used independently of the weekly class.  For most students, other than first semester beginners, who are unable to enroll in musicianship classes, we recommend a minimum 45 (rather than 30) minute private lesson.  Your individual teacher can assist you with questions related to the on-line curriculum.

Will I learn More by Being in a Theory Class?

Yes.  In addition to traditional theory topics and on-going assistance with the on-line curriculum, classes at Pakachoag include additional group activities such as ensemble exploration and composing of music.

Can you Guarantee My Child will have a class suitable to his/her level?

We are usually able to group students according to general level, although the exact level of every student is always different due to the one-on-one nature of private lessons.  Students younger than 10 years or older than 16 years are enrolled in a Pakachoag class based on the availability of an age-appropriate or level-appropriate group.  If we are unable to accommodate you in a class, we encourage you to consider an individual workbook or the on-line curriculum until a class becomes available.

Younger students will usually begin their theory instruction via a work book which becomes a pre-cursor to moving into the on-line Theory In a Box curriculum when ready.

About Theory In a Box

Click  Theory In A Box to explore an on-line interactive tour.

The on-line “Theory in a Box” provides a structured, sequential course for students aged 9 and up with fun exercises, ear training, quizzes and tests – all of which can be done independently at home, with support provided by your private lesson teacher.
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