Worcester Children’s Chorus

Young Singer’s Class:

A preparatory program of the Worcester Children’s Chorus

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The Worcester Children’s Chorus preparatory program is designed for children in Grades 1 – 3 who like to sing.

Students meet one time per week for one hour. Through group singing and musical play, students learn music reading and ear training skills.

Other activities include folk dancing and playing simple percussion instruments. The repertoire is specially selected for the age group.

Through the repertoire, students also learn about proper breathing, singing posture, and healthy vocal tone.  By the end of the year students will read simple rhythmic and melodic notation and be familiar with how to navigate a simple choral score.

Following a year with the Young Singers class, students will then be prepared to sing with “Da Capo,” the Worcester Children’s Chorus entry-level choir, or an equivalent choir at their school or place of worship.

For more information and to register, please visit:

Worcester Children’s Chorus web site

Worcester Children’s Chorus Young Singers Class information page.