Group Programs

Pakachoag group programs help students of any age and any skill level meet their musical goals in a comfortable and fun group setting!

In our Suzuki classes, you can develop your playing skills or, as a Theory/Musicianship student, learn about music composition, theory, or music appreciation in a relaxed, collaborative environment with like-minded peers!

By joining an ensemble, our Musical Theater for the Young programor participating in our Student Performance program you can take your talents to the stage! These performance-based group programs utilize your playing or singing technique with others of a similar age or skill level with a special focus on performance. Ensembles include ad-hoc chamber ensemble opportunities or more formal enrollment with our Partners in Music:  The Worcester Youth Orchestras or Worcester Children’s Chorus.

In summer programs you can collaborate with other students of a similar age and skill level in a fun and focused environment – ending in a performance for family and friends! Summer programming may vary each year, although Musical Theater remains a staple of the summer line-up.