Other Programs

Musicianship/Theory Classes

Theory Enrollment Fees are generally steeply discounted for Pakachoag students.  For School Year 2020-2021, we’re offering a 35% discount for students taking lessons with Pakachoag.  Check out our new Create & Engage Theory 7-week cycles, offered as part of the Pakachoag Connect Online Learning program.

Royal Conservatory Program

Please call the office for information.  Fees for this program are set by the Royal Conservatory programs out of the UK and Canada and vary according to level.  Fees include adjudication exams.

Ensembles & Groups

Please see the Ensemble Program page for tuition information; the Registration form for this program area also includes tuition information.


Please visit the Summer Session program pages for details on tuition and for registration links.

Private Lessons are charged at the school year per lesson rates as noted on the Private Lesson Tuition Page.