This page provides information or links for general policies for each program area.

Summer Programs

There are no refunds or credits for summer programs.  This includes lessons, classes and camps.  Please visit the Summer Session Registration Information page for all details.

Private Lessons

Please visit the Private Lesson Policies page.

Suzuki Violin Program

Students choosing to enroll in the Suzuki Violin Program incur an additional annual fee.  This is in addition to the private lesson fees as posted above.  Please visit the Suzuki Violin program page for complete information.

Suzuki Withdrawal and Make-Ups

There is no refund when withdrawing from the Suzuki program, unless at least 5 months are outstanding at the time of withdrawal, in which case you will be charged the mid-year (vs. full year) enrollment fee.

Group classes missed by a student cannot be made up.

Music Together

Please note that Music Together withdrawal and make-up policies apply to school year programs only.


Families withdrawing prior to the first class will incur a $20 handling fee. We are unable to make refunds after the 2nd class. Please check your payment when registering- overpayments of $15 or less will not be refunded.

Music Together Make-Ups:

Please call the office within one to two weeks of your absence to schedule a make-up.  Due to classroom sizes, we are usually only able to schedule one make-up at a time for each class.  Scheduling your make-up earlier in the session (vs. last two weeks) allows you greater chance of being able to book your desired make-up day/time/location.

Music Together Sick Child Guidelines:

Please read these Sick Child Guidelines, developed by a pediatrician MT parent, which will help you determine if your child is ready for class following a sickness.

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Summer Session Programs

Please visit the Summer Session Registration Information page for details.

Other, Special Programs:

As a general rule, group classes or programs, including the on-line Theory in A Box curriculum,  do not permit refunds.  If you have questions regarding specific group programs other than Music Together, Private Lessons, the Theatre Program and the Suzuki Program, please call the office.

Photo/Video Release Information

Photo/video permission is appreciated. The school does not identify students by name on the web site. YouTube or Facebook postings may include a first name. By accepting the photo/video release (when registering online or on a paper form), you agree to the following statement: I give permission for myself and/or my child(ren) to be photographed, recorded, and/or videotaped during school functions for school purposes and for such photos or videos to be used at any time in the future commercially by the school, including, but not limited to, postings on the Pakachoag website, Facebook page, and in the School newsletter.