Forms & Registration Information

Welcome to the Registration Forms Page.

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On this page, you will find:

  • Links for registration forms.  Please note that as of March 2019, we are transitioning to web based registration forms which will begin to replace printable forms.
  • General information on how to register

For program policy information, please visit the Policies page.

If enrolling, we also recommend you visit Current Students pages which provide additional, more specific program information you will need.

How to Register – General Steps:

  1.  Choose to register online with credit card or submit a web Registration Form and pay later (with check or cash) OR
  2. For school-year, 2018-2019 choose to download and print the

 All school year 2018-2019 program offerings are listed on these forms.

Summer 2019 Registration

For summer 2019 group programs, registration opens March 11, 2019.

  • You can either complete a web based Registration Long Form and mail in check (or deliver cash); or,
  • If you wish to pay online with credit card, please complete the Student Information Short Form.  Then, when clicking “submit & continue” you will be re-directed to the online portal.  Once in the portal,
    • you can set up an account and password; or log in to an existing account
    • choose the class of your choice and
    • submit credit card payment.

Register links for classes, camps and other group programs can be found on each of the summer program sub-pages.

For Summer Private Lessons, please e-mail   We will need to discuss scheduling in advance and send you a teacher-specific registration form which is unique for each teacher (reflecting their summer availability).  Summer private lesson schedule information is available starting in late April.

Summer Lessons

Summer Lesson schedules begin to become available in late April, proceeding into May.  If you are interested in Summer Lessons, have you contacted the office in advance to discuss scheduling options and teacher assignment?  Then, please complete this Summer Lesson Registration Web Form.  You will also need to complete and submit the Teacher-Specific Lesson Scheduling Form.  Please email if you do not yet have the teacher-specific form.

Summer Lesson Web Registration Form

Printable Program Forms: School Year 2018-2019

For printable registration forms found below, please complete all information, review those items requiring signature approval; sign; and return with full tuition (for group programs) or deposit (private lessons) to the central office at 10 Irving Street, Worcester, MA 01609.

If dropping off a registration form with payment, we suggest calling ahead to check if someone is in the Worcester office, 2nd floor at All Saints Church.  (Enter via Pleasant Street, back parking lot.)

If paying in cash, please call to check that someone is available in Worcester, at the desk to provide a receipt of payment.

Limited Financial Means?  Please visit the Financial Aid page.

Forms by Program Area:

Musical Theater Starting November 7, 2018

Families can register for Musical Theater through the registration portal or by printing the Musical Theater 2018-2019 registration form, completing and returning to the school, with payment, to Pakachoag Music School, 10 Irving Street, Worcester, MA 01609.

Music Together and Rhythm Kids classes:  Spring 2019

March 1, 2019:  We are now in open registration for Spring Session Music Together.  Visit this page to register.

Music Together Spring Registration
  • We accept new family Music Together registrations starting
    • August 1 (for Fall session);
    • December 1st  for Winter session; and
    • March 1 for the Spring Session.
  • Continuing students will receive pre-registration and discount information prior to these open enrollment dates via your classroom teacher and by e-mail.
  • Visit our Music Together Class Schedules page to view an outline of class schedules.

Pakachoag offers Music and Movement Summer Samplers during June/July and August.  Please visit the Summer Session sub-page for Music and Movement 0 to 5 for a registration link.

Private Instruction: School Year 2018-2019, Summer

Suzuki Violin  Program: School Year 2018-2019

  • School Year:  Please submit the private lesson printable form or web based form — links found above — and check off the “Suzuki Program – Yes” option.  The Suzuki Program Coordinator will then contact you in order to review and determine appropriate program placement which usually includes a parent training class followed by assignment to an appropriate group class.
  • School Year: Suzuki Payment Plan 2018-2019.  Combines private lesson fee with Suzuki Program fee.
  • Summer:  Suzuki Quick Start.  Please use the Summer Program Registration form.
  • Suzuki Teacher Training:  Check back for upcoming training sessions.

Musical Theater Program:

  • School Year:   For registration details, see How to Register – General Steps above.
  • Summer:  Please use the Summer Program Registration form (Item 2, toward top of page).

Information about Musical Theater classes is available on the Musical Theater program page.

Royal Conservatory Development Program (RCDP):

Pakachoag is now linked to the Royal Conservatory Development Program.   Please contact the School Director for more information.  We will guide you through how to register with RCDP .

Ensembles and Groups:

Information about Pakachoag ensembles and groups is available on the Ensembles program page.


Please use the appropriate forms as posted above.  You may also wish to check out the Summer Session program page and related sub-pages, which may include special programs for adults.


Please see Item 2, top of page.