Who are our students?  What makes us unique?  What are our historical roots?


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Who Comes to Pakachoag & Other Interesting Facts

Do we have a “typical” student profile?

No.  Pakachoag students come from a wide range of backgrounds and circumstances.   This is evidenced in part by the range of colleges and universities to which Pakachoag Music School students have been accepted (see our Impact page).  We also have students who choose to enter into trades or the military upon completion of high school.  This fact also illustrates a core value at Pakachoag:  Music is for everyone.

Does it make sense for me to drive to Auburn?

Families are often surprised to realize just how easily accessible we are.  In addition to being located less than a mile from the Worcester city line, the School is situated in very close proximity to a number of major routes.  Additionally, you don’t need to deal with local traffic congestion and multiple traffic lights/intersections to reach us or juggle finding a parking space.  All of this translates into a potentially equal or shorter travel time to get to Pakachoag than other locations, no matter from which direction you are traveling.

We also have families who drive a distance to participate because they recognize their child (or themself) is receiving a high quality experience that makes the extra distance worth the investment.

What Makes Pakachoag Unique?

Parents who have experienced music classes and lessons in other settings tell us:

Parents tell us their children love the Music Together program due to the strong musical and interpersonal skills of our teachers and the fun, hands-on music-making classes. Parents also appreciate the exceptional quality of the Music Together song collections and the parent support materials provided as part of the Music Together program.

The private instruction program stands out because of the opportunity for on-going student performance in both casual (performance class) settings and in the more formal recital setting.  While not all students choose or may not immediately be ready to participate in the performance program, those who do find that performances serve as  great motivational tool, provide a sense of accomplishment, and allow students to meet other young people who also enjoy music.  Teachers are able to better map the progress and needs of students when observing a student in performance.

We also make an effort to match students with a teacher who will meet the student’s needs as closely as possible taking into consideration learning style and interests – either before entry into the program; or mid-enrollment if desired.

All of our teachers are accomplished musicians and experienced teachers.

Our History

Pakachoag Music School of Greater Worcester was founded in 1982 under the auspices of Dennis Knight, then minister of the Pakachoag Church, United Church of Christ in Auburn.  Originally called the Pakachoag Community Music School, it was created in response to cutbacks in funding for public school music programs as an outreach mission. Programming included music lessons and early childhood and musical theater programming, just as it does today.

In 1989, with the church’s support the music school became independently incorporated and convened its own Board of Directors. Pakachoag Church continued to provide an annual operating grant from 1989 through 1997, in addition to providing access to its facilities.   Over time, this relationship has evolved as the school grew and added programming, such as such as the Music Together early childhood curriculum and the Suzuki Violin and Cello Program.

Today, the music school rents church space for instruction and performances at a subsidized rate, through the continued courtesy of the Pakachoag Church.  The school has also added satellite facilities as growth has increased beyond the Auburn community to include all of Greater Worcester.