With regard to class and lesson weather cancellations, please read “How Weather Cancellations Work” below .  This will help you understand what to expect when we have bad weather.

COVID-19 Update Wednesday, March 25th, 2020:  We are virtually / remotely “open”!

  • Private lessons are zooming and it is going well.    
  • Music Together Spring Session is delayed until Monday, April 6th and we’re preparing to…. Zoom!  We already did a make up class at the Hanover and it worked nicely.  Watch for more information coming soon by email to all on our e-list.
  • Other group classes:  Teachers are keeping students going with various options.
  • Office:  We have very irregular hours with most work being conducted remotely;  but if you email us (or leave a phone message), we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We encourage everyone to continue to make music at home.  And we hope to see you soon.

How Weather Cancellations Work

We do not e-mail or call you when we cancel for bad weathersnow:

We are unable to routinely e-mail or call families to inform you of weather cancellations, but ask, whenever questionable weather conditions are anticipated at any time during the day of your lesson or class, that you check the web site here or call the office for an update.

We do e-mail or call you when….

We do e-mail (sometimes call) families when odd cancellations occur which are related to teacher sickness or a weather cancellation is specific to an individual teacher (due to their living out of area).

How we determine Private Lesson and Musical Theater cancellations (not according to school closing):


In general, private lesson and musical theater cancellations are made according to weather conditions anticipated after noon time and proceeding into the evening, not necessarily according to public school closures.

Please note that we need to take into consideration travel conditions both at the onset of a teacher’s schedule and at the close of the teacher’s schedule.  That means, while it might be calm/dry at the time of your lesson or theater class, if bad weather is anticipated anytime during the duration of a teacher’s schedule, all lessons for the day may be cancelled, not just those lessons or classes that occur during the onset or at the end point of inclement weather.

Please check the top of this page after 1:00 pm for confirmation of any cancellations.

If you have a lesson scheduled prior to 2:00 p.m. and you do not see a message posted above, please call the office.

How we determine Music Together cancellations:

With regard to Music Together classes: Classes are automatically cancelled when public schools in the town in which a class is scheduled are cancelled.   In the event of a delay in public school start times, we may choose to either cancel class, hold class as usual or delay Music Together class start time by one hour.  We’ll make those decisions on a case by case basis and will post class status at the top of this weather page.

In sum, if School is cancelled in the town where your Music Together class is scheduled, you may assume that your Music Together class is also cancelled.  If public school start times are delayed, please check the website to find out if we are delayed, on-time as usual, OR cancelled.

Please check at the top of this page after 8:00 a.m. for confirmation of any cancellations or delays for Music Together.

We Respect that you may make your own travel decision:

Because Pakachoag serves a wide radius of communities around Worcester, if the school is open but conditions in your community prohibit safe travel, we respect that you may choose not to attend a lesson or class based on your own needs with travel safety as the first priority. We appreciate notification of absence, when possible.  Because most teachers rely on knowing they have a regular income from teaching, we can only provide one make-up for each half of the year for private instruction student absences.  This includes if you choose not to attend a scheduled lesson because of weather related circumstances.

Music Together families are always welcome to schedule a make-up in another weekly MT class.  Please call the office at least 24 hours in advance to review available classes and book a make-up slot.