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Our Most Recent Newsletter:

2018 Spring News Pakachoag Music School

Headline:  We’re On The Move, To Worcester

Prior Newsletters:

Spring/Summer 2017 Pakachoag Music Spring News

Music in Community:  Your Support Transports Music to Elm Park

(Make Music Day Worcester, June 2017)

Fall – Winter 16-17 News

Headline:  Music for Life! Donors Continue Momentum.
Fletcher & Stoddard Foundations Lend Support.

2016 Spring NewsWYO Baroque 1-30-16-AW3_3077_opt

Headline:  Music for Life! Investing in Students:  Grantors and Donors Expand Access (new website announced).

Fall-Winter News 2015-2016

Headline:  Announcing the Music for Life! Campaign

Donors & Grant Makers bring campaign to life as Pakachoag works to increase access and diversity, develop viable and vibrant partnerships, and strengthen the School for the future.

Also.. Donors bringing real-life dreams, as tall as skyscrapers, to life for alumna Elizabeth Bachelder, now S&P Bond Analyst in Chicago.

2015_Spring Newsletter

Headline:  The Long and The Short of It:   Life at Pakachoag.  Donors create lasting value in the lives of students, whether enrolled for the long- or the short-term.

2014_Pakachoag Fall Newsletter Web

Headline:  Extending Music in Community:  Another Way Donors Are Creating Exponential Change
Free Music Lessons Continue for City Children as One Alum Passes Baton to Second Alum

2014_Pakachoag Spring Newsletter
Headline:  Donor Support Boosts Confidence for Alumni Choosing Service with the Military.  For James and Peter Lane, the lessons of Pakachoag transfer to service to Country.

2013_Pakachoag Fall Newsletter
Headline: Forging New Journeys: Alumna and Henry Luce Scholar Samantha Chadwick, formerly of Shrewsbury, applies lessons learned at Pakachoag as a high-speed rail intern in Taiwan.

Headline:  Alumni Put Imagination, Creativity, Artistry to the Test
as Pakachoag announces newly refreshed mission statement

Headline:  30th Anniversary at Tuckerman Hall

Headline:  Pakachoag Alum Named Rhodes Scholar

Headline:  Donor Support Helps Pakachoag Initiate Satellite Program East of Worcester