Student of the Month

04May 2017

Voice and piano student Rhiannon Mansur, age 13, studies with faculty member Jannatha Coffin. Rhiannon is from Charlton.  This is her third year of lessons at Pakachoag.

Rhiannon tells us:

What I like most about lessons is that I can focus on music and practice with someone telling me what I’m doing right or wrong.  The hardest part of music is memorizing my songs and practicing every night.  In the future, I want to be a singer and composer.  I want to make songs for games, and to make people happy with my music.  I feel the more I improve, the better chance I have to be a better composer for the years to come.  I hope one day I can touch people with my music.”

Dear Rhiannon, thanks for being our most recent featured student.  Did you know:  You already touch people with your music?  and you make us happy… with your music!  Thanks for singing for us and with us – and playing piano too.  Keep singing!  and working hard.  Sincerely, Sarah S. (Director)

16Feb 2017

Diana, age 11, is a voice student of Silvia Irving.  She also takes piano lessons with Debby Sedgwick.     Diana, who you can hear sing with the video link below, has been enrolled at Pakachoag since 2013 for private lessons; and actually has a connection with us dating back to 2010 ! when she participated in our early childhood Music Together program at around age four.

Diana writes:

I love music because it can show how you feel without having to say a word.  I love my lessons, and its fun to perform in front of an audience.  For me, music makes the world a better place.”

Here, Diana sings for a student outreach concert as part of First Night Worcester 2016.

Diana’s working hard and this year she participated in a fall recital and then again as part of our First Night Outreach Concert singing “I Know Things Now” from Into The Woods.

Thank you to Diana’s piano teacher and faculty member Debby Sedgwick who accompanied Diana for this performance.

Thanks also to Warner Chappell Music of Los Angeles, CA, owner of the synchronization rights for this song, who has granted permission to post and share.

28Nov 2016

pak111514-aw3_0543_optKamden is 11 years old.  He lives in Shrewsbury.  Kamden, a student of Amy Matherly, has been taking lessons since September 2012.  (That means… Kamden will receive his Five-Years-Of-Lessons milestone certificate in May 2017!)

Kamden recently played in our November student recital.  His Video is posted below.  Nice job, says Mrs. Smongeski!

Kamden offers some wise words to others who are learning to play an instrument (or sing):

What I like about the Pakachoag music school is that it feels like a big music family. Teachers and fellow students are always encouraging each other to do better and stretch each other to their musical limits.

Practicing can be difficult, but if you take the extra time and effort to power through you will not regret the results. Some people have a hard time practicing consistently but personally I find that once I start, I want to keep on playing.

The Suzuki method works well because it is like a ladder, you learn one step at a time. Each song is preparing you for the next song and many more to come.

25Jul 2016

PakRec-5-15-16-600pix-AW1_1800_optThis month we congratulate piano student Matthew of Shrewsbury.  Matthew was awarded a “Ten -Years of Music Lessons Milestone Certificate” at our May 2016 student recital.

For our May recital,  Matthew played Bagatelle Op. 110, No. 3 by Beethoven and a lovely rendition of Poetic Tune Picture by Grieg.

The photo is from the end of our Sunday recital session one, when Matthew’s teacher Inna Muravnik shared her reflections on Matthew’s commitment and progress as we presented his certificate.

You can hear Matthew’s performance here.

Matt shares:

Pakachoag Music School has provided me with a positive learning environment, where students are taught not only how to play an instrument, but learn the art of performing.  It has allowed me to explore the intricacies of playing the piano, and has also allowed me to express myself through different genres of music.  Being a member of the school for 10 years has been one of the greatest experiences of my life, and given me a talent that I know I can use for many years to come.



You can hear Matthew play as a younger student by clicking here.

Dear Matthew,

We are thrilled to know that this has been such a great experience for you.  We commend you on sticking with it, and with balancing music alongside your other priorities like playing golf and keeping up good grades.  We look forward to hearing your latest, new pieces at future performance classes and recitals.


Sarah Smongeski and the Pakachoag Faculty

17Apr 2016

21-PakMusTheaterLG-AW1_1209_optHenry is a very dedicated and “involved” music student.  He studies violin with Amy Matherly and also piano with Vladimir Odinokikh.  Henry is a member of the School’s Suzuki Program.  This year he is also participating in our Musicianship/Theory classes with Nike Beaudry; and joined the Musical Theater program on Wednesday afternoons (this photo of Henry as part of Disney’s Aladdin Jr. cast).  Wow Henry!  We love seeing you so many days at Pakachoag and we know that you are, for sure, making Music for Life!

My family is very grateful to Pakachoag Music School for introducing Henry to the world of music. Henry has been nurtured and motivated to explore various things and achieve the impossible. The school has empowered Henry to develop his curiosity and creativity, and more importantly, helped him in understanding the importance of perseverance and determination, which we believe carries a long way in life.”

Dr. Yong Wang