How do we feel about recitals?  As a performer?  As an audience member?  As a collective community?

We asked everyone attending our November 12th student recital to find one word (or a couple ok too) to jot down on their yellow sticky note before we began.  No right/wrong answers.  No names.  Just a quick, private moment to reflect.

Then, when we finished, we asked everyone to write down (on their blue sticky note) how they were feeling.

We invited everyone to share their sticky notes in the back of the hall – no names.  Just an array of reflections.

Lots of nifty responses.  Everyone ended the day on a positive note.  And, I, Sarah,was a little surprised to learn that so many of our students and families were excited, proud, and happy as they waited for us to begin the concert.  I would have thought maybe we’d see a few more notes of anxiety and fear; but am delighted that so many students feel so positive about the performing experience; and for those who did feel less than positive – that’s ok too.   Performing is part of being a musician- how we feel about performing and approach performing is part of our learning and growth.

Here’s a list of our Saturday reflections.  Mostly, we thank students for working hard to prepare, for your participation, and for everyone’s support as engaged, attentive audience.

Side note:  No correlation necessarily between “before” and “after” words – everything just listed alphabetically and otherwise, randomly.

Before -alphabetically After – alphabetically
Alaia amazed
annoyed awesome
anticipation calm
anticipation content
anticipation elated
anxious enchanted
beautiful entertained
content glad these kids have this confidence
cornered grateful
eager happiness
embarassed happy
enjoyment happy
excited happy
excited happy
excited happy
excited happy
excited happy
excited happy
excited happy and impressed
excitement happy for all the performers
good hopeful
happiness impressed
happy impressed
happy joy
happy joyful
impatient joyful
joy medium
nervous overjoyed
nervous proud
nervous proud
passion proud
peace proud
peaceful proud
pleased proud
proud prouder
proud relaxed
proud relief
proud relieved
proud relieved
sad – happy relieved
scared satisfied
serene thankful
tired wonderful

November 2, 2016

Hello Parents,

It doesn’t feel like November today – but it is, and that means we are entering ‘Performance Season’ at Pakachoag.

Lessons and practicing are more focused as we prepare for recitals, auditions and other performances.

Hopefully your child will feel well prepared for this after the October Practice Challenge.

Congratulations to those who completed the challenge and compliments to everyone who made the effort to practice more in October! Please let me know if your child practiced every day so that we can acknowledge this accomplishment.

Congratulations to our new Debut parents for completing the Parent Training course!

Upcoming Events:

Debut Group begins:  November 3, Thursday
5:00 at the First Congregational Church in West Boylston

Performance Classes

November 7th, Monday
6:30 p.m.

If you have a rehearsal scheduled with Mrs. Baker please check the lobby board for your time

November 8th, Tuesday – Time confirmed one week prior.


Andante Group violinists perform at Dodge Park Retirement Home
Thursday, November 10th.  Arrive at 4:30, perform at 4:45

Student Recital: Saturday, November 12th, 1:30 pm

Performance classes in December

December 2 Friday

December 5 Monday

December 6 Tuesday

December 9th Friday Suzuki Groups rehearse with Mrs. Baker; beginning at 6:00- the schedule will be announced later

Student Recitals – School Wide

Dec. 10 Saturday
Dec. 11 Sunday

Practice Idea:

Suzuki said, “Knowledge plus 10,000 times equals ability.”  Repeating a skill many times correctly is the key to making it effortless and automatic.  When your child has ‘gotten’ something, challenge them to do it in every room of the house.

Please let me know if you have any comments, questions, or concerns,

-Amy Matherly, Suzuki Program Coordinator

Hello Music Together families,

Need a makeup class? There are only 3 weeks left in the session. Please contact the office soon to schedule any needed makeups.

There is one week left in priority registration 1 for the Winter Session. If you would like to register for the same class you currently attend, now is the time to save your spot! Please see your weekly email for more information. If you would like to register for a different class than you currently attend, priority registration 2 begins November 16.

This week’s take home flyer features the song, “The Three Ravens.”

The Three Ravens

Have a great week!

The MT Team

Pre-registration opens today for the Winter session!
If you would like to register for the Winter session (during the same class day/time you are currently attending), register today! Not only will you secure a spot in class, you will also save $15. Follow this link to register –
This week’s take home flyer features the song, “The Crow Song.”
We’ll see you in class!
The MT Team

Making Music for Life with Bach and Saint-Saens


Marti and Sarah following a beautiful concert. A true thrill to know that Martin will be playing his violin for years to come (for Life!)

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Abbreviated opening comments (minus some thank you’s) from Sarah.

Today we host Martin, in an alumni recital, a special happening in the life of a school.

While it is a thrill when a former student and young person embraces something that we as teachers have also embraced, in terms of a vocational choice, launching students into the world as a professional musician is not Pakachoag Music School’s primary focus .

Rather, at Pakachoag, our mission is

  • To nurture,
  • To cultivate the imagination,
  • To inspire creativity
  • To develop artistry

…all wrapped within a love for music.

And, all are skills that Pakachoag students can take with them – through life/for life.

So [thus], while making music for life has multiple connotations, it is appropriately a simple message.  Music is valuable in every way – and the investment of our donors and grantors through the Music for Life! campaign and the annual harmony fund is helping to assure that high quality music experiences remain accessible for students of today and tomorrow.

Thank you for the opportunity to host Martin this weekend.  Your support has made this possible. Martin’s music is our music; together we are making Music for Life!