06Oct 2017

Pakachoag Music School presents
A Student Recital Honoring Veterans
Saturday, November 11th
2:00 pm
The Great Hall at Pakachoag Church
203 Pakachoag Street, Auburn, MA 01501

The school welcomes veterans and community friends to join School families, faculty and students for this concert. We’ll have a few special patriotic selections programmed, as well as our traditional student favorites featuring beginners through advancing music students.

Refreshments will follow the program.

Pakachoag special events are made possible in part with the support of Pakachoag Church through use of the Great Hall, and the Steinway concert grand piano.

06Oct 2017

Sunday, October 22nd, 2017

Pakachoag violinists will be playing at Mechanics Hall on Sunday, October 22nd during intermission for the Music Worcester Gil Shaham concert starting at 4:00 pm

Violin legend Gil Shaham will perform with pianist Akira Eguchi on a program featuring works by Kreisler, Prokofiev, Franck, Bach, and Saint-Saens.

We’re looking forward to hearing this wonderful violinist in concert; and our students are excited to share their own music in Washburn Hall while guests break for intermission.

02Oct 2017

Hello Parents,

As we begin the month of October I send out congratulations to all the students who completed the Big Ear Challenge.  Hopefully everybody has established a good routine of listening, which will make learning to play the violin a lot easier. Let me know if your child has completed the challenge so that we can recognize them at the Halloween Party.

This month we step it up and build on our success by challenging students to practice every day. The Practice Challenge Calendar will be available on the Private Lesson page of the school website tomorrow.


Suzuki’s advice:        “Practice only on the days that you eat.”

“Knowledge plus 10,000 times = ability”

Upcoming Events

Suzuki Violin Program Performance Class in Auburn

  • Monday, October 2nd
  • 6:30 in the Great Hall

Gil Shaham in Concert at Mechanic’s Hall

  • Sunday, October 22th
  • 4:00
  • Intermission music provided by Pakachoag violinists!

There are still tickets available. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear one of the world’s great violinists in beautiful Mechanic’s Hall. Order tickets from Music Worcester.


To get the most enjoyment from this concert, become familiar with the music ahead of time by listening to it and learning about it. Here is what’s on the program:

Kreisler – Preludium and Allegro
Wheeler – The Singing Turk: Sonata #2
Franck – Sonata in A Major for Violin and Piano
Bach – Partita No. 3 in E Major for Solo Violin
Saint-Saens – Introduction and Rondo Capriccioso
Dorman – Nigunim

Suggestions for the pre-concert listening: Choose one piece and listen to it exclusively for several days – a full week would be ideal.

Start here:      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QN9SuZqNeek

Suzuki Program Halloween Party

  • Monday October 30th at 6:00 in the Fellowship Hall
  • We will play, sing, dance, and enjoy refreshments together.
  • Bring your instrument and wear a costume.

Please let me know if you will be attending as soon as possible.

The sooner I know, the more time I have to plan. I need a volunteer to coordinate the refreshments and several volunteers to set up and clean up. (Thanks in advance)

October will be an active and inspiring month!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns,

Amy Matherly

Suzuki Program Coordinator

Pakachoag Music School



01Sep 2017

Hello Suzuki Program Parents,

I hope that you are all enjoying the summer. Our fall semester starts next week!

Here is information about upcoming events:

Big Ear Challenge      2017

All children learn to speak their native language by listening and imitating what they hear.  Your child is learning to play an instrument the same way.  While the language environment happens all by itself, the musical one must be created.  Surround your child with beautiful music.  Listening to music will inspire him and create the desire to learn to play the instrument.

Let’s start the year off by revving up our listening. Beginning on Sept. 1st, we will be holding the  ‘Big Ear Challenge’.  The goal is to listen to the Suzuki recording every day. Have your child keep track of how many times she listens to the Suzuki recording on the Big Ear Challenge calendar. Play other recordings and keep a record of what you’ve listened to. The challenge will run through September 30th. Full details and the calendar are attached to this email.

Start dates for classes and groups:

Private Lessons  – Tuesday, September 5th

Group Classes – Tuesday, September 12th

I have sent out notices about group class assignments. If you have any questions about this please let me know.

Beginning Parent Training

Wednesday, September 6th

7:15-8:15 in West Boylston

Suzuki Program Performance Class

Monday, September 25th

6:30 – Parlor at 203 Pakachoag Street/Pakachoag Church

This will be a ‘Back a Book’ performance. Performers are much more comfortable and confident when they’ve had a long relationship with a piece.

Students should prepare a review piece – at least one Suzuki Book level back from where they are currently working. Those in late Book One can choose a piece from early Book One.

If you want to participate, consult with your teacher about what you will play.

Teachers, please let me know which of your students will be performing.

Welcome to Marilyn Butler!

We are excited to let you know that Marilyn Butler will join our Suzuki faculty this year.

Marilyn comes to us after many years as director of the string program at the Bancroft School with extensive training in the Suzuki method and a special knowledge and love for Swedish folk music. She will be directing our newest ensemble – The Junior Fiddle Band, leading the Intermezzo group and teaching private lessons on Tuesdays in West Boylston. For more information about Marilyn or our Fiddle Bands, go to pakmusic.org.

Twinkle Pin Recipient

Congratulations to Sophia Liu, student of Amy Matherly, who completed the Twinkle Graduation requirements this summer! Sophia received her pin at our ‘Back To School’ event on Monday.

Recognizing those Suzuki Milestones – The Twinkle Graduation Pin

In order to be awarded a ‘Twinkle Pin’ students must:

  • Submit a video of all of the Twinkle Variations and the Theme performed with accompaniment, demonstrating good violin position, tone, intonation and tempo. This recording will be viewed by both the student’s teacher and the Suzuki Program Coordinator
  • Perform a Variation and the Theme in a performance class or recital

Students are then publicly congratulated and given a pin. This program is not meant to be a competition, but an individual process, and it is completely optional. Only students who are motivated by this should do it.

Shoulder Rest Exchange

Over the course of your child’s violin studies, you may have accumulated a number of shoulder rests that your child has outgrown or that weren’t the right style. Rather than have them sit around gathering dust, why not sell them to other families in our program? You will earn some money back on your original purchase and other parents can save money by buying a previously owned rest. We are looking for a volunteer to be in charge of our used shoulder rest ‘store’. If you are willing to take this on, let me know.


I’m looking forward to the music we will make together this year!

Please write to me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


Amy Matherly

Suzuki Program Coordinator

Pakachoag Music School


01Sep 2017

At Pakachoag, our Music for Life promise centers around the recognition that students can learn a lot when they take risks; and learn even more, when they learn how to recover from failure.  Those hard lessons do more to develop confidence than lessons learned, or successes achieved, easily.

A recent article from ArtsHub, based in Australia, talks more specifically about the importance of a “growth mindset” vs. a “fixed mindset”.  A huge part of what we do at Pakachoag is to foster the “growth mindset” (centered around a love for music).

Arts Hub Researchers note that learners often fall into two camps in terms of their approach to education: a growth mindset or a fixed mindset. The former is characterized by a belief that putting in the effort, and learning from failure, will lead to better results and improved skills. The latter perspective, however, holds that individuals have a certain skill level or ability, and the learning process will not necessarily allow one to move past that. A recent article in ArtsHub spoke to educators in Australia to get a sense for how they see arts education as a critical component of developing a growth mindset.

Read the Full Article


31Aug 2017

Jenna LeDuc is 12 years old, from Shrewsbury.  We’re enjoying watching Jenna grow, to date over a span of five years, both musically and as a dedicated student.  Jenna shares:

I have been playing the piano for 5 years, at Pakachoag music school using the suzuki method of learning. Pakachoag is a really lovely school,with some wonderful and encouraging instructors. I have been with my instructor, Mrs. Leah Zelnick, for all of my time here. She is kind, patient and I very much like her style of teaching. I enjoy the challenging suzuki method,even though it pushes you but is not discouraging, it’s a good balance. Being challenged is one of the things I like about it. You also get to play amazing pieces by famous composers like:  Clementi, Beethoven, Bach, Mozart and more! I have developed a good ear for music and am able to memorize pieces quickly. Currently I am trying to quicken my sight reading skills to the level that I can play. Being here, I have developed endurance, ever learning, ever growing, and this music is a part of me.

~Jenna LeDuc

Dear Jenna, We love that you think your music pieces are “amazing”.  We would agree.  There is nothing like a good dose of Bach or Mozart (and all those other great composers) to make every day special.  Your goal to quicken your sight reading skills is a really good goal!  I think we must both thank Leah, your teacher, for her very good teaching; and you, for your dedication, seriousness of purpose, and… what else…. practice 🙂  We look forward to hearing more of your music in the coming months.

24Jul 2017

Fall 2017 Music Together

Whether you have a brand new baby in the house (or grandchild) or a post-pre-school five year old, it is never too soon (or too late) to experience the joy that comes from music.

Enroll starting August 1st for our award winning Music Together program.
You can choose from five locations. Various classes and locations scheduled Monday to Saturday. Also Thursday afternoon.

Learn more here about Music Together at Pakachoag .
Hope to see you in September for Music, Together!